“Hello how are you?”  Is the way I approach my day and most people I meet with a big warm beckoning smile!  Fostering a return smile and a “hello” as our eyes cross paths as well.  And for most of my life that’s exactly what I get back when I’m approaching people as I walk the streets busy on my way to appointments and seeing Clients.  As I await my orders at my local Deli, or stand in line at the Bank.  As I pass by my morning walkers and joggers in the park.  As I waive to my neighbors upon leaving and or returning to and from somewhere.

"Today" is a Great Day-isn’t it?  But of course it is- and I would say that no matter what I’m facing- be it “Six feet this side of the dirt or the other I’m good either way” for I believe based on what the Bible says: “for to be absent in the body is to be present with The Lord!”  (2 Corinthians 5:6-11) So I’m always in a Win/Win- no loss in "JoA’s World”. 

It really is because of that Hope or foreknowledge that I move thru my days confidently.  And although I can recall a time not long ago when it was with trepidation of not knowing an outcome that i suffered anxiety.  But I still pressed forward in belief that my best laid plans had covered all my perceived bases regardless to my feelings.

So I see Today the same way i did when I was age seven sitting on the seat box in my bedroom peering through the window of our home overlooking the front lawn of our yard.  Watching the sun rise I’d hear the birds chirp with the mornings dawn.  And each day represented a new day with new stuff to get into.  What bugs to revisit in the yard and play with or to discover new ones.  Seeing what my friends would share differently from the last time I saw them.

"Today" in its new form represented endless possibilities to me as a child.  Even beyond school of which I loved- for in school were books of all kinds that would open up a world of information beyond I believed the many encyclopedia references I went through in our home library.  Beyond even my eight block radius of exploring our neighborhood and the river at the south edge of my street.  This is how i spent most of my days in the sixties and the early seventies in my childhood development...it was Great to wake up too!

And “Today” merely holds a more expansive view, as I'm still peering thru windows at early dawn.  Only now the window is my front home office picture window as i sip on coffee and review daily emails while still appreciating the birds chirping.  It's just my expansion includes exploring in my travels- world neighborhoods and their rivers, oceans, seas, mountains, hillsides, way many more bugs, and varied cultures.

I've come to appreciate that when you’re a child all you have at your disposal is “Today” even if your reality isn’t what you wish it could be.  Because truthfully as a child you really have no concept of what “Today” really is.  All you know is- "what is", and if "what is" feels good- or if it hurts you; and if your days reality hurts- you find relief! You find protection within the capsule of your days imagination.

In retrospect I can see now how this is what propels many to do things even in spite of an environment of toxic dumping by influences out of their control.  But each day as a child you awaken with a renewed anxiousness, a sense of hope and belief in possibilities!  Of things to get into without thought of “I can’t” only “do!"

And so too as an adult we can tap into that same freshness that same fearlessness- that same faith!  Because that is what’s most amazing about each new “Today” - it offers each one of us a platform to launch from through our minds imagination- a window of creativity- of “dawning’s” that every human on the planet has at their disposal!  A great power if we use it well- propelling a future focus, of endless possibilities of “Whatever’s” available to us every day!  Seeding into our scope of reality with no “Stop!"  So imagine “Today” because that’s what you have at this moment!

Looking back on those memories I recall a passage in The WORD OF GOD -in the Bible Book of Genesis 11:6 *(KJV) where it states regarding all the collective people on earth at the time after the Great Flood of Noah’s generations; “And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language [one thought]; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined [purposed] to doNow regardless to what their reasoning’s were, what I’d like you to focus on is that the Creator of humans said: “and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined [purposed to do].  Why would our Creator say: “have imagined [purposed to do]."  if He didn’t place within us the ability to create beginning templates of what we desire thru our thoughts?

Now think about that…The Bible says further in The Book of Matthew 17:20 “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed (which yields enough crops for several families to eat from) you could move a mountain”.  Could it be that our Creator expects our imaginations to be building blocks that connect and propel community?  I mean He did say in the beginning to man: “I give you Authority over all the earth- go and Multiply [make more of you two- male & female kind]; Subdue [take control over your surroundings]; Replenish [seed, grow, harvest- use and refill it] (Genesis 1:26-28).  So clearly He’s endowed us with the ability to make use of the power that comes from using our “imagination” which is synonymous with ingenuity. 

And with that thought in mind it made me think of what one of my Mentors “Jessie Duplantis” said regarding using that imagination: “I am the Architect of my life; I’m crafting my life the way I want it to be.”   Well when I turned 50 that idea of being the “Architect of my life” came more into focus than ever before.  And this is coming from someone who’d already been the architect of several successful businesses with employees over a 30 year span.

But that 50 year marker and the months and days preceding 50 yielded a constant inner restlessness - an urgency to change directions.  To push forward what I’d been assisting others at - in telling them to follow their “True Passions” “Their Gifting’s” “Their Talents”- those things that couldn’t be learned or taught; those innate things that came as natural as breathing.

See I’d written about how I moved to a new decade of life with trepidation but that I could see in “hindsight” what would implore me to move more swiftly and certainly more deliberate in charge of my life.  A better Architect, a better design.  I now had at my disposal a 30 year rear view advantage, which offered a better understanding and appreciation for the “Gifting’s” that God had pre-wired me with that I no longer battled within myself about.  Or thinking- and more importantly believing that somehow I needed to be someone else’s version or idea of what they thought I should be and simply because I had skills and talents that were useful to them in acquiring their objectives.  Now don’t get me wrong if you can use your talents to assist a company or corporation or an individual by all means do so.

But if your every waking and sleeping breath takes you in a consistent and very persistent different direction.  Then you’d better listen to that “creative” urge that’s burning inside of you to let loose and put your imagination to work- and “imagine the possibilities!”  

So I love “Today” because it’s a new day and for me at this phase of life- it represents not only “1st Times” but also what I call “Do Over’s” - “Make it Right if possible’s” and plenty of “Better Day” opportunities.  Because age yields certain advantages through time spent if one really “pays attention”.  And why- because you know more; you’ve learned more of what to do, and what not to waste time on.  Because you know more about yourself and of those which surround you.  So you make better use of time, you learn that those 24hrs at your disposal each day are your most valuable commodity while present in this body.

So you maximize every single moment!  And welcome what each new “Today” offers perhaps in the concept of looking at life thru a “full glass” that you’re willing to be refreshed from, allowing it to open up Doors of “Unended” possibilities not even bound by Time.

And really without being clichéd - yesterday is already gone, one can only be reflective about what happened in it- and even if it warrants a look back, stay focused on your forward and present!  For I really believe at our disposal are "fresh and new" opportunities- like how God says His mercy’s are "Fresh & New"  towards us! So why not take Him at His Word and tell yourself, “Self -Today is a great day, let’s see what we can get into that will leave me breathless- Today!”

*Scriptural References taken from The King James Version of The Holy Bible

By JoA’ Z Clark   ©102017


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  2. This is such a incredible article, I know this woman personally and she has always been a inspiring person in my life, Everytime i felt that the shadow of negative clouds were hanging over my head shes the one that brought the sunshine thru. I love you so much and cant wait to read more articles. Thank you for all your inspiration that you have shared.

    1. Thank you for your kindness Holly i will certainly keep writing and inspiring you- it prompts the best from me..i love you Girl!!💁

  3. Joa, great words about you and how you have embraced your changes in life. I truly was inspired by the information given in this article. May God continue to give you impactful stories to tell about life!

    1. Thank You Michelle your input and private edits were well received!! I really appreciate your 💘 love.

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  5. This is a copy comment sent to me via Messenger from Nndami: Always a pleasure. And I DID read it, my bad for not getting back to you earlier... it was pretty powerful. Its always good to see another individual with a positive outlook on the days beginning, not enough of that out there. You are appreciated, mama Soul ✊💯


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